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October Audiobooks Fiction

CD Adiga
     Between the Assassinations
by Aravind Adiga.  Read by Harsh Nayyar.  9 discs. 
10 hours.
     “Collection of stories set in Kittur, India, between the assassinations of Indira Gandhi in 1984 and Rajiv Ghandi in 1991. Adiga captures the lives of the poor and powerless, doomed to hopelessness and sometimes rage.”
     Library Journal 6/1/09

BCD Science Fiction Butcher
     White Night
by Jim Butcher.  Read by James Marsters. 12 discs.  14 hours.

BCD Brown
     The Lost Symbol
by Dan Brown. Read by Paul Michael.  14 discs.  17+ hours.

BCD Carter
     Jericho’s Fall
by Stephen L. Carter.  Read by Kirsten Potter.  9 discs. 
10+ hours.

BCD Cussler
     Spartan Gold
by Clive Cussler with Grant Blackwood.  Read by Scott Brick.  10 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Dickey
     Resurrecting Midnight
by Eric Jerome Dickey.   Read by Dion Graham.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD Doctorow
     Homer & Langley
by E.L. Doctorow.  Read by Arthur Morey.  6 discs.  7 hours.

BCD Frey
     Hell’s Gate
by Stephen Frey.  Read by Erik Steele.  10 discs.  11+ hours.

BCD Gardiner
      The Memory Collector
by Meg Gardiner.  Read by Susan Ericksen.  11 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD  Goodkind
     The Law of Nines
by Terry Goodkind.  Read by Mark Deakins.  12 discs.  14 hours.
     “Once the story gets rolling, it's a gripping ride as the bad guys whoosh in between their world, which remains unseen, and ours. Fantasy and thriller readers alike will find themselves swept along to the final confrontation and looking forward to the next installment.”
      Publishers Weekly 6/22/09

 BCD Grossman
      The Magicians
by Lev Grossman.  Read by Mark Bramhall.  14 discs.  17 hours.
     “When Quentin… is invited to enroll in a university for young spellcasters, he is thrilled beyond words. He grew up fervently rereading a series of fantasy books in which a group of children pass from this world to the magical realm of Fillory (read: Narnia), but it turns out the pursuit of magic is just about as boring as studying anything else. At school and in New York City after graduation, Quentin's life seesaws between the mind-numbingly dull application of rote spellcasting and the typical twentysomething pursuit of booze, sex, and repeat. Until, that is, he and his friends figure out that Fillory is real. ... But when the friends endeavor to go on a heroic quest, the matter-of-fact fashion in which their fantastical adventure transforms into a nightmare is as absurdly sobering for the reader as it is for Quentin.”
      Booklist 5/1/09
BCD Haig
      The Hunted
by Brian Haig.  Read by Scott Brick.  15 discs.  18+ hours.

BCD Hamilton
     Guilty Pleasures
by Laurell K. Hamilton.  Read by Kimberly Alexis.  8 discs.  10 hours.

BCD Harbison
     Hope in a Jar
by Beth Harbison.  Read by Orlagh Cassidy.  7 discs.  9 hours.
     “As a teen Allie Denty believed the cure for most anything could be had in a cosmetics jar. Now, with her 20-year high school reunion approaching, she's facing insecurities she'd never imagined-aging, weight gain and her single status. When her best friend Noah shows up accompanied by a beautiful woman who was the most evil girl in high school, Allie warns him off her and risks damaging their long friendship.”
     Publishers Weekly 5/28/09

BCD Hoffman
     Here on Earth
by Alice Hoffman.  Read by Susan Ericksen.  8 discs.  8+ hours.

BCD Howe
     The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
by Katherine Howe.  Read by Katherine Kellgren.  11 discs.  12 hours.
     “Howe's debut novel explores the Salem witch trials from the perspective of Connie Goodwin, a Ph.D. candidate in history at Harvard. While cleaning out her grandmother's house near Salem in the summer of 1991, Connie discovers an old key along with a fragment of paper bearing only the words Deliverance Dane. At the urging of her adviser, Connie embarks upon a frenzy of research in local archives. Evidence mounts that Deliverance was a local herbalist and wise woman who became a victim of the witch trials. Finding Deliverance's "physick book" of recipes becomes a priority for Connie, particularly when she realizes that it may hold the key to curing her new boyfriend of his mysterious ailment.“
     Library Journal 5/15/09

BCD Johansen
     Storm Cycle
by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen.  Read by Tanya Eby.  9 discs.  10+ hours.

BCD Kinsella
     Twenties Girl
by Sophie Kinsella.  Read by Rosalyn Landor.  12 discs. 
15 hours.

BCD Koontz
     Dead and Alive
by Dean Koontz.  Read by John Bedford Lloyd.  7 discs. 
8 hours.

BCD Lanagan
     Tender Morsels
by Margo Lanagan.  Read by Anne Flosnik and Michael Page.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD Levin
     The Last Ember
by Daniel Levin.  Read by Jeff Woodman.  12 discs.  15 hours.
     “Da Vinci Code addicts will enjoy Levin's debut, a dense, complicated novel of religious suspense. Jonathan Marcus, classics scholar-turned-lawyer, is sucked back into his former life in archeology after becoming involved in an antiquities theft case his law firm is handling…Jonathan is ready to cast off his three-piece suit and return to unearthing ancient subterranean mysteries. The prize this time is the 2,000-year-old Tabernacle menorah, eight feet of solid gold stolen from Herod's Temple in Jerusalem and hidden somewhere in Rome. The forces of evil are represented by Sheik Salah ad-Din, who seeks to find and destroy the menorah. The fevered pace slows only to deliver a multitude…. of interesting historical factoids.”
     Publishers Weekly 6/5/09

BCD Patterson
     Alex Cross’s Trial
by James Patterson and Richard Dilallo.  Read by Dylan Baker. 
7 discs.  7+ hours.

BCD Updike
     The Maples Stories
by John Updike.  Read by Peter Van Norden.  6 discs.  5+ hours.


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