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Better Than Google

How do you find the books you want to read?  Do you belong to Automatically Yours and have all your favorite author's new releases reserved for you?  Do you like the thrill of the hunt and choose serendipitously? Do you ask your friendly librarian for help? Do you read strictly from the best-seller list? My mother had an interesting way of choosing books; she just went to a library shelf and took four or five books in a row, without regard for what they were! I found that amusing and used to say to her,"Oh, you're reading from the Fs this week".  She may have found some great books that way, but she also probably read some duds.
Recently Received Riveting Reads

Well, there is another way, an easier way.  The library will introduce new books to you and we call it "Recently Received Riveting Reads"(RRRR).  Every month, I will post general fiction new releases, not bestsellers, not necessarily authors you will know, but good books that deserve to be read.  There will be a picture of the book cover and a summary of the plot.  If you are interested in reading it, click on the title and you will be taken to the catalog to reserve it.  We hadn't posted a list of current fiction, (just Forthcoming Favorites), and we cover the genres with New Mysteries, New Romances, New LPs, New Speculative Fiction, so this will fill that void.

I hope you will find RRRR to be helpful, and that you will discover many wonderful books.
How is this better than Google?  I don't know, but isn't reading much more fun than googling stuff on the computer?  I think so.



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