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New Music Releases, January 2014

Alabama.  Classic Christmas Album                                            R ALAB CCA

Alpert, Herb.  Steppin’ Out                                                    MJ ALPE SO

Balson, Alison.  Sound of Alison Balsom                                     EA BALS SOA

Bastille.  Bad Blood                                                                MR BAST BB

Beatles.  Live at the BBC                                                        MR BEAT LAT

Bennett, Dave.  Don’t Be That Way                                        MJ BENN DBT

Bennett, Tony.  Classic Christmas Album                                    R BENN CCA

Black Oak Arkansas.  Back That N’ Over Yonder                         MR BLAC BTN

Blige, Mary J.  A Mary Christmas                                                R BLIG AMC

Blue October.  Sway                                                               MR BLUE SWA

Blunt, James.  Moon Landing                                                    MR BLUN ML

Boyle, Susan.  Home For Christmas                                            R BOYL HFC

Bugg, Jake.  Shangri La                                                           MR BUGG SL

Cash, Johnny.  Classic Christmas Album                                       R CASH CCA

Celtic Woman.  Home For Christmas                                           R CELT HFC

Clark, Brandy.  12 Stories                                                         MC CLAR TS

Collins, Judy.  Christmas With Judy Collins                                    R COLL CWJ

Cut/Copy.  Free Your Mind                                                        MR CUT FYM

Daughtry.  Baptized                                                                 MR DAUG BAP

Eminem.  Marshall Mathers LP2                                                  MR EMIN MML

Erasure.  Snow Globe                                                               R ERAS SG

Five Browns.  Rite of Spring                                                       F FIVE ROS

Five Finger Death Punch.  Wrong Side of Heaven…..                    MR FIVE WSO

Gipsy Kings.  Savor Flamenco                                                     Q GIPS SF

Harrell, Tom.  Colors of a Dream                                                  MJ HARR COA

Hendrix, Jimi.  Miami Pop Festival                                                 MR HEND MPF

Il Divo.  A Musical Affair                                                              MA IL AMA

Jewel.  Let It Snow                                                                   R JEWE LIS

Jones, Norah.  Foreverly                                                             MA JONE FOR

Lavigne, Avril.  Avril Lavigne                                                        MR LAVI AL

Linkin Park.  Recharged                                                              MR LINK REC

Lissie.  Back To Forever                                                              MR LISS BTF

Mannheim Steamroller.  MS Christmas Symphony II                          R MANN MSC

McBride, Martina.  Classic Christmas Album                                      R MCBR CCA

Michelle K.  Rebellious Soul                                                          R&B MICH RS

Numan, Gary.  Splinter: Songs From A Broken Mind                         MR NUMA SPL

One Direction.  Midnight Memories                                               MR ONE MM

Owen, Jake.  Days of Gold                                                          MC OWEN DOG

Pickler, Kellie.  The Woman I Am                                                  MC PICK WIA
Roberts, Julie.  Good Wine & Bad Decisions                                   MC ROBE GWA

Rogers, Kenny.  You Can’t Make Old Friends                                  MC ROGE YCM

Shankar, Anoushka.  Traces of You                                              Q SHAN TOY

Solis.  Marco Antonio.  Gracias Por Estar Aqui                                 Q SOLI GPE

Spears, Britney.  Britney Jean                                                      MA SPEA BJ

Stirling, Lindsey.  Lindsey Stirling                                                  MA STIR LS

Streisand, Barbra.  Classic Christmas Album                                     R STRE CCA

Various.  WOW Gospel Christmas                                                  R COLL WGC

Various.  Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Soundtrack)                        L COLL HGC

Wanted, The.  Word of Mouth                                                    MR WANT WOM

Yandel.  De Lider A Leyenda                                                        Q YAND DLL

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