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Healthy Beginnings

I am grateful for beginnings.  The New Year allows us to start all over with a clean slate after the holiday excess of sweets, rich side dishes, succulent meats, and those celebratory high calorie beverages.  It gives us another chance to begin to eat healthier with lean meats, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.   There is an array of diets to choose from but I am terrible at following a diet, so I try to eat everything in moderation (yes, I have my white rice most every night).  So, my goal is to eat smaller portions in my meals, have frequent healthy snacks, and drink more water.   I have learned to not skip meals which would lower my metabolism and trick my body into starvation mode.   Eating, like life, needs to be in balance.

What has always helped in keeping healthy is avoiding processed foods.  From my parents’ valuable teaching and good cooking, I have learned to cook most everything from scratch.  Fresh food is so delicious and we are so fortunate to have an abundance of it in our markets.  It is a great habit to maintain.  Though it may not be easy or convenient for everyone to do this  in our very busy lives, it is worth trying as best you can to do your own cooking.  Start out with simple dishes and prep the ingredients the weekend or evening before.  How about trying fish fillets with an assortment of veggies baked in parchment paper?  You just add olive oil and some seasonings over the fresh fish and vegetables.  Seal the paper and bake it 400°F for 10 minutes.  How easy is that?  You don’t even have to wash your plate.  Instilling healthy eating habits could last a life time for yourself and your family if we begin to take steps to be conscious of what we are eating. 

Did I forget about exercising?   Along with this balance to eat well, we cannot forget to keep our bodies in shape no matter how old we are.  To be honest, I fail miserably in physical activity that will make me drench with sweat even though I know this will increase my metabolism.  However, I do love a brisk walk.   Take out an audiobook or download one to keep the mind stimulated and the feet moving at the same time.  It certainly has made my walks enjoyable.   Our library has plenty of resources to encourage and guide you in making an effort to shed those pounds, energize yourself, eat really good food, and feel fantastic!  Just take one step at a time and join us!

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!  by Devin Alexander

Now Eat This!  by Rocco Dispirito

The New Sonoma Cookbook  by Connie Gutersen, RD, PhD

Eating Well Diet by Jean Harvey-Berino, PhD, RD

Vegetarian  by Williams-Sonoma

400 Calorie Fix by Liz Vaccariello

Eat This, Not That! by David Zinczenko

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