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Beyond Books: What's Ahead In 2014?

The holidays are over.  All the gifts have been unwrapped and all those wonderful holiday meals have been eaten.  Other than going to the gym to get those holiday pounds off....where else should you be heading?  To the New City Library, of course!!

The New City Library AV Department has already started a collection of the hottest PS4 and XBox One games.  We also have the new WII U format games; though that system has not seen the popularity yet of the previous generation of Nintendo Wii games.  Some of our new titles for the PS4 are:  Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag; NBA 2K14 and Knack.  For the XBox One we have NBA 2K14; Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4.  As more titles become available I will be adding them to our fledgling collections.

One of the features, of both these new systems, is that they are capable of playing DVDs in Blu-ray.  As with the Wii U, the industry has not seen the demand for Blu-ray DVDs increase as it had hoped.  However, this may change as these two new systems become more widely distributed.  For those of you who have never ventured downstairs to see our AV collection, we have a very large selection of Blu-ray DVDs and regular DVDs with all the latest releases in both formats.

In 2014, your AV Department will be undergoing a major renovation.  All children's AV materials will be relocated to the Children's Department.  The remainder of the collection (the adult materials) will be moving upstairs to the main level behind the existing Reference Desk area.  In addition, we are doing away with our browse card system.  All materials will be shelved so that the public will be able to peruse them and then check the items out in the main lobby.

We look forward to 2014 as being a year of change and growth for ourselves and for the New City Library AV Department.

Until next time.....

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