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Director’s Film Series Extended

Thanks to everyone who filled out an index card with your comments after the last film program, on November 7.  There were about 50 responses.  We offer a special thanks to all who expressed how grateful they were for the film series and the movies shown (almost every response); and for the positive comments about the library director.  This feedback will help ensure that the film series will continue into the new year.

 Two comments came up multiple times. The first was a request to show captions or subtitles with the movies. With Adam Resurrected it was hard to understand everything that was said.  We’ll definitely show the subtitles if there are accents and speech that are not readily discernible.  We can discuss as a group whether you would like to have subtitles/captions for all films.

The other frequent request was for other subjects or themes. Yes, I will offer other themes and films in 2014.  The dates are not yet scheduled but it looks like we’ll be able to keep Thursdays at 1pm as the regular time for films.  Some of the topics for which films have been selected or are considered as possible topics are listed below:

Movies featuring the national origins, ethnicity, and religions of the peoples of New City.

Libraries and Librarians (all pretty humorous: they will include a Kathryn Hepburn movie, Francis Ford Coppola’s second feature film, an early Peter Sellers comedy, and the Seinfeld episode with Mr. Bookman.)

Labor unions and issues (will include a Paul Schrader film, Blue Collar; a Peter Sellers comedy, and an outstanding Marcello Mastroianni film that few people in the U.S. have seen.)

Paul Schrader movies (will include one of his few movies—maybe the only one--that is pretty funny, and others that I think will show his broad range, including arguably greatest movie, Mishima, which few people have seen and has never been shown in Japan.  Perhaps we can get him back during that series.)

Bob Fosse Musicals: Fosse’s musicals are very well known and people may have seen one or more of the ones to be presented, but they sure are fabulous and worth repeating on the big screen with the good sound.

Frank Sinatra Movies: The singer and the actor, two very different genres.

My Film Favorites: Just to offer some films that we think people will like even though they are not part of a film series.

We are giving some thought to offering evening film programs too.  One possibility will be to repeat some of the daytime movies in the evening (or vice-versa).

We welcome your comments, preferences, suggestions, and other feedback about past and prospective films.  It will help with programming decisions. 

You can email community relations directly at: [email protected] or leave a suggestion in our online box by clicking here.

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