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Conversation by the Computers

Computer access appreciated!  I t is impossible to work (I have been here for four consecutive days at different times) and concentrate with staff helping patrons in person and on the phone using very loud voices—also lots of non-library conversations with other workers and patrons.


 We are well aware of the problem.  Others working at the computer stations have also brought it up.  Given the current layout the best we can do is to ask the reference staff to do the best it can to keep their voices as low as is practicable.  Circumstances undoubtedly arise—all too frequently—which require reference staff to raise their voices in order for the person with whom they are speaking to hear what they have to say.   This is even more common—and necessary— with telephone reference assistance.


We are in the planning stage for a major renovation of the first floor and the lower floor that will result in numerous changes being made.  Of specific relevance to your concern, the reference desk will be moved to an area that is separate from the computer stations.  This should eliminate the problem to which you refer.  In the mean time, the staff—to the extent it is possible and consistent with good service—will do their best to moderate their voices.

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