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New Speculative Fiction for July 2013

New to our shelves:

Clockwork Fairy Tales by Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett, eds. F, SF, A (Fantasy Clockwork)
The Beautiful Land by Alan Averill A, SF, R
Lexicon by Max Barry SF, F, M
The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes A, SF, M
Wisp of a Thing by Alex Bledsoe (2, Tufa) F
Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston (2, Ender: The First Formic War) SF (SF Card)
Abaddon's Gate by James S. A. Corey (3, Expanse) SF
Cold Steel by Kate Elliott (3, Spiritwalker trilogy) F, A
The World of the End by Ofir Touche Gafla, with Mitch Ginsburg, trans. F, SF, R, M
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman F
The City by Stella Gemmell F, M
Tarnished by Rhiannon Held (2, Silver) F, H, M, R
Hooded Man by Paul Kane (3: 6. 9, 10, The Afterblight Chronicles Omnibus) SF, M
    (contains Arrowland, Arrowhead, and Broken Arrow)
Before the Fall by Francis Knight (2, Rojan Dizon) F, M
In Thunder Forged by Ari Marmell (1, The Fall of Llael) F, SF, M
Love Minus Eighty by Will McIntosh A, SF, R
Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead (1, Age of X) A, SF, M, H, R
Limits of Power by Elizabeth Moon (4, Paladin's Legacy) F
The Goliath Stone by Larry Niven and Matthew Joseph Harrington SF (SF Niven)
Reviver by Seth Patrick (1, Reviver trilogy) H, M
The Long War by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (2, The Long Earth) A, SF (SF Pratchett)
Stoker's Manuscript by Royce Prouty H, M
Jack Glass: The Story of a Murderer by Adam Roberts SF, M
Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh (12, Psy/Changeling) F, SF, H, R
Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer F, M
The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter by Jillian Stone (3, Phaeton Black) F, H, A, M, R
The Siege of Castellax by C. L. Werner (11, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Battles) SF, F
Sea Change by S. M. Wheeler F

In paperback:

Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander (3, Edie Spence) F, H, R
Darkness Unmasked by Keri Arthur (5, Dark Angels) F, H, M, R
Crash by Guy Haley SF
Hunted by Kevin Hearne (6, 4.5, Iron Druid Chronicles) F, H
    (contains Hunted and "Two Ravens and One Crow")

Other new titles of interest:

Siegfried by Alex Alice with Edward Gauvin, trans. (1, Siegfried) F, R (YA GN Alice)
The Universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence SF (Fiction Extence)
Medea by Kerry Greenwood (1, Delphic Women) R, F, M (Fiction Greenwood)
The Manhattan Projects: They Rule by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra (2, The Manhattan
) A, SF, M (741.5973 Hickm)
Joyland by Stephen King M, H (Mystery King)
Below by Ryan Lockwood H, SF (Pbk-Fiction Lockwood)
A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, v.2 by George R. R. Martin, Daniel Abraham,
    & Tommy Patterson (2, A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones GN) F, M (741.5973 Mar v.2)
Into You by China Mieville with Mateus Santolouco, et al. (1, Dial H) CB, SF, F (YA GN Mieville)
Raven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger F, M (741.5973 Niff)
Mending the Moon by Susan Palwick M, CB (Fiction Palwick)
The Shade by James Robinson, with Cully Hamner et al. (Shade) CB, F (YA GN Robinson)
Delphine by Richard Sala F, H, M (741.5973 Sala)
Strange Attractors by Charles Soule with Greg Scott A, SF (741.5973 Soul)
Angel City by Jon Steele (2, Angelus trilogy) F, H, M (Fiction Steele)
How to Make a Zombie: The Real Life (and Death) Science of Reanimation and Mind Control
    by Frank Swain SF, H (502 Swain)

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