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New Music Releases, August 2013

Alice In Chains.  Devil Put Dinosaurs Here                                 MR ALIC DPD

Anthony, Marc.  3.0                                                              Q ANTH TPZ

Bareilles, Sara.  The Blessed Unrest                                          MA BARE BU

Barenaked Ladies.  Grinning Streak                                           MR BARE GS
Ben Folds Five.  Live                                                               MR BEN LIV

Bennett/Brubeck.  White House Sessions, Live 1962                   MJ BENN WHS
Benson, George.  Inspiration: A Tribute To Nat King Cole             MJ BENS INS

Booker T.  Sound the Alarm                                                     R&B BOOK STA

Boxer Rebellion.  Promises                                                       MR BOXE PRP

Cole, Natalie.  En Espanol                                                        MA COLE ESP

Dave Koz and Friends.  Summer Horns                                       MJ KOZ SH

Deep Purple.  Now What                                                        MR DEEP NW

Feinstein, Michael.  Change of Heart: Songs of Andre Previn         MJ FEIN COH

Fitz and the Tantrums.  More Than Just A Dream                        MR FITZ MTJ

Green Day.  Tre                                                                      MR GREE TRE

Grey, Skylar.  Don’t Look Down                                                 MR GREY DLD

Hanson.  Anthem                                                                   MR HANS ANT

India. Arie.  Songversation                                                       R&B INDI SON

James, Bob & Sanborn, David.  Quartette Humaine                      MJ JAME QH

Jane’s Addiction.  Live In NYC                                                   MR JANE LIN

Jansen, Janine.  Schubert & Schoenberg                                     F JANS SAS

Jimmy Eat World.  Damage                                                        MR JIMM DAM

Kuti, Femi.  No Place For My Dream                                            Q KUTI NPF

Kweli, Talib.  Prisoner of Conscious                                              MR KWEL POC

Lezhneva, Julia.  Alleluia                                                             F LEZH ALL

Marling, Laura.  Once I Was An Eagle                                           MR MARL OIW

McCartney, James.  Me                                                               MR MCCA ME

Megadeth.  Super Collider                                                           ME MEGA SC

Michaels, Bret.  Jammin With Friends                                             MR MICH JWF

Mitchell, Nicole.  Aquarius                                                            MJ MITC AQU

Morrison, Matthew.  Where It All Began                                        MA MORR WIA

Morton, P.J.  New Orleans                                                           R&B MORT NO

Purl, Linda.  Midnight Caravan                                                       MJ PURL MC

Quadron.  Avalanche                                                                   MR QUAD AVA
Queen of the Stone Age.  Like Clockwork                                      MR QUEE LC

Ros, Sigur.  Kveikur                                                                      Q ROS KVE

Sex Mob.  Cinema, Circus & Spaghetti                                            MJ SEX CCS

Skillet.  Rise                                                                               MG SKIL RIS

Thirty Seconds to Mars.  Love Lust Faith + Dreams                          MR THIR LLF

Various.  Opera 2013: A Year of Celebrations                                  B COLL OTT

Wale.  The Gifted                                                                      MR WALE GIF

Wilson, Gretchen.  Under the Covers                                            MC WILS UTC

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