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Better Than Google

One of the best things about having long-standing employment is that you don't feel the need to update your resume.  Well, since you never know when opportunity will come knocking, or whether you will be out of work tomorrow, it is a good idea to have an current resume.  No one likes the chore of creating or updating a resume, but the library has a powerful tool that takes the writing out of writing a resume.  That tool is Cypress Resumes. As they say on their site, with Cypress Resumes, there is no need to compose anything, ever. Users simply type basic information about themselves and leave the difficult task of writing concise, descriptive statements detailing abilities to them.  How is this possible you may ask?  What Cypress Resumes has done is establish a gigantic library of tens of thousands of professional statements that you can tailor to your own work experience.  You choose the statements that best suit you and through the magic of Cypress Resume you create a polished resume.  The database can also produce a well-written cover letter and will allow you to publish your documents online.  So, if you want your resume to make an excellent first impression, give Cypress Resumes a try.

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