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Better Than Google

In today's topsy turvy financial world, investors have a right to be nervous.  How to invest and what to invest in is a big dilemma for most of us.  Where does one turn for the right advice?  Since 1965, the answer to that question is Value Line.  According to their website, their mission is "to provide investors with the most accurate and independently created research information available, in any format they choose, and teach them how to use it effectively to help meet their financial objectives". Well, for many years, that format was print only.  That was fine for a long time, but there were drawbacks: Only one person could use it at a time, there were three different volumes to look through, and issues could be delayed in the mail or even stolen.  When I previewed the on-line version, I was impressed.  Patrons could use it at home or at work, mutual funds were included, and the print-outs of the reports was sharp and clear, better than a photocopy. The convenience of remote access and the inclusion of mutual funds made this an easy decision to make.  I hope all the users who are accustomed to the print will have a painless transition to on-line.  The reference librarians are here to help and explain how to access the product.  For those who are unfamliar with our stellar collection of databases, and want to use it from outside the library, click on research and databases from our home page and scroll down to Value Line and click on remote access.  Make sure you have your library card handy, because you will need to input the barcode number on the back (no spaces). After perusing the expert analyses and comprehensive data, you will find yourself agreeing, this is better than google!

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