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What's Cooking?: Breakfast Lovers

Do you love breakfast more than any other meal? There is nothing like waking up leisurely to the smell of freshly brewed coffee with the sound of sizzling crisp bacon, fried eggs over easy and well-seasoned home fried potatoes. Added to this dreamy breakfast are baked blackberry muffins with a pecan streusel topping, flaky orange cranberry scones and decadent cinnamon sticky buns floating out of the oven onto the table. This picturesque meal beckons me to come out of my luxurious sleep.  Maybe I'm still dreaming…

Breakfast foods have become so diversified. Creative ideas are endless with a combination of ingredients to make oatmeal, eggs, sandwiches, casseroles, waffles, biscuits, pancakes, French toasts, pizza, and burritos into breakfast delights.  Breakfast can be light or heavy.  My personal favorite would be fried chicken and waffles.  What a combination!  Such pleasant memories breakfast brings when I taught my children to make their favorite - egg in a basket. They still love it now even as grownups.  It’s also known by other names like egg in the hole, egg in a nest, and a hole in one.  It is an egg fried in a hole of a slice of bread. You make a hole in a slice of bread by removing a round piece of bread in the center.  Place it on a hot skillet with melted butter and break the egg into the hole. Turn it over to fry it both sides. Voilà! The creamy sunny yolk soaks up the buttered fried toast as you cut into it.  We could never eat just one.  What a great concept, so simple, so delicious! 

Breakfast may be eaten any time of the day.  We have brunch for those of us who couldn’t get up early for breakfast so we have it for lunch. There are many who preferred to eat breakfast for dinner (“brinner”) as we can see from the trend of new cookbooks.  This is not surprising when we take a look at the full course breakfasts of other countries.  International breakfasts encompass array of meats often eaten for dinner like a kipper (a whole herring) which is often eaten in United Kingdom, in Japan, and in some North American regions.  A hearty Scottish breakfast will have a slab of haggis alongside fried eggs.  What is “haggis”?  Some call it a savory pudding but it is a spherical sausage made of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and stock.  In Asia, we wake up to a steamy bowl of rice porridge that has been simmered for at least a couple of hours called “jook” or congee.  You can have it plain or with a variety of ingredients which determine what type of jook you are having.  Seafood jook will have fresh shrimp, squid, fish cake and jelly fish with a topping of peanuts and fried rice vermicelli.  A popular jook is flavored with salted pork and diced thousand year old preserved egg sprinkled with chopped scallions.  A full comfort meal when eaten with fried bread anytime of the day.  International breakfasts may seem unfamiliar, even exotic, to us but all types of breakfasts serve as a reminder to take the time to enjoy a nourishing and comforting meal to start a busy day.

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