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What's a parent to do?

Feeling overwhelmed?  Too many issues with little ones and too few answers?  Come on in to the Children's Department and take a look at our Parenting Collection.  All the books on those shelves address a common childhood issue.  A few of our picture books in this section include: One Special Day, a story for big brothers & sisters by Lola Schaefer, which talks about a new baby coming into the family; Melanie Walsh's Living with mom and living with dad describes a young child experiencing shared custody; Good-by, Sheepie by Robert Burleigh deals with the loss of a family pet; and My grandpa by Marta Altes is the story of a young bear whose grandpa is getting forgetful. 

There is a large selection of titles about adoption, separation anxiety, potty training and other topics parents may need.  We also have adult-level books about child rearing, education, discipline and other subjects.  So don't panic - come in to the Children's Department and we'll be glad to help you!

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