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Beyond Books - The Documentary

I used to have more time (or at least I think I did).  I used to have more patience (or at least I think I did).  I used to have more time to read....that I know is true.

I think most of us are feeling time, or the lack of time, pressing in on us.  We are living in an ever accelerating world of technology. Information learned is obsolete almost before it is totally absorbed.  How can we keep up?  One answer is the documentary film. 

From the Collins English Dictionary comes this definition: "a factual film or television program about an event, person, etc. presenting the facts with little or no fiction".  Where it might take us days to many weeks to read a book on a particular subject, the documentary film can cover the same material in two hours or less.

Documentaries can range from the controversial - see Michael Moore's "Bowling For Columbine".  They can also be heartfelt and can be shared by the whole family - see "One Lucky Elephant" which explores the special bond that exists between a man and the elephant he has taken care of for sixteen years; also "Babies" which follows four babies from different parts of the globe as they navigate their first year of life.

Down in our AV department I have created a separate area for the display of some of our outstanding documentaries.  They cover such topics as "Facing Death" confronting end-of-life choices to "A View From the Stoop" - A Bronx Retrospective 1940-1970.

Documentaries are also created to help bring about changes in our society.  These movies can reach amounts of individuals that would not be possible through a conventional book.  "Bully" is an award winning documentary depicting the real life stories of five children and their families and how being bullied in school has affected their lives.  Bullying has become a fact of life for far too many children in this country.  To get this movie out to a larger audience, the library will be showing this film on Wednesday evening April 17th at 6:30.  Following the movie, we will have a discussion led by Dr. David Drassner, a licensed New York State psychologist who has a practice in Rockland County.  Please join us on April 17th for this thought provoking movie.  Whether you have a child who is still in the school system or your children no longer live at home, this movie will open your eyes as to what countless children in American experience every day.

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