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Better Than Google

Goodbye Westlaw! Hello LexisNexis!  The new year brings us an exciting, new database, the LexisNexis Express Library.  For the past six years, we had subscribed to Westlaw due to the fact that it was a great alternative to print.  Instead of shelves and shelves of McKinneys Statutes and U.S. Code Annotated, we could now access them on-line.  Although some people missed the books, most of the lawyers were happy to use Westlaw, something they used in law school and at work.  Recently, LexisNexis decided to produce a product to appeal to the public library market.  It is not only more affordable, it is more comprehensive (laws and cases of all fifty states are included, not just New York) and it can be used by more than one person at a time.  Although the legal portion can only be used in the library, the business and news modules are available remotely. The content is somewhat different in the law portion, because we obviously can't access West's legal products.  However, LexisNexis uses Matthew Bender law products, which are just as legal. Changing to LexisNexis is a win-win situation for the library.  We get more content, less restrictions and the price is better.  For those who miss Westlaw, it is available at Suffern, Haverstraw and Nyack libraries. Even those who prefer Westlaw, will find that LexisNexis is much better than Google!

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