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Book Review of Crater by Homer Hickam, review done by Marie Yatsyk


    In Crater, Homer Hickam paints the futuristic lifestyle of people living and mining for the precious Helium-3 material on the harsh environment of the moon. The 16-year-old orphan, Crater, has been a miner all his life, but one day the owner of the mine he lives and works in gives him a much greater task, and Crater is sent on a mission to to retrieve a mysterious artifact that will impact the future of the moon forever.
     Although this fiction novel starts off slowly, the action builds steadily as Crater’s journey pits him against the inherent dangers of the lunar terrain and against genetically altered rogue warriors that are intent on preventing the success of his quest. Throughout the book, the world that Homer Hickam has created is incredibly detailed. The characters’ unusual and interesting jargon and the very in-depth description of the aspects of daily life on the moon made it easy to believe in the lunar setting and lifestyle, although these descriptions sometimes became distracting from the story. My only other qualms about Crater were that the characters and their interactions were a little flat, and that the language was relatively basic. Aside from that, the novel was interesting to read, since its action-packed plot kept me hooked.
     Crater makes an intense and exciting otherworldly read for teen science fiction and fantasy fans. And if you like this novel, the sequel called Return to the Moon will be coming out in 2013.  Recommended ages 10-14

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