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New DVD Titles, December, 2012


360 (Jude Law)

Amazing Spider-Man, The

Americano (Foreign Film – France)

Delicacy (Foreign Film – France)

Detachment (Adrien Brody)

Expendables 2, The

Fatherless, The (Foreign Film – Austria)

Lawless (Shia LaBeouf)

Men In Black 3

Pixar Short Films Collection – Volume 2

Savages (Blake Lively)

Sparkle (Whitney Houston)

Step Up: Revolution

Trishna (Foreign Film – United Kingdom)

Watch, The (Ben Stiller)

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962 – Bette Davis – Anniversary Ed.)

Your Sister’s Sister (Emily Blunt)


Alaska Gold: A War of Resources                                                          979.8 Ala

Carol Burnett Show, The – Carol’s Favorites

Clintons, The – An American Odyssey                                                   B Cli

Island President (Global Warming in the Maldives)                                   363.738 Isl

Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl                                                                  978.032 Ken

Lady, The (Burma’s Democracy Movement)                                           B Kyi

Luck: Complete First Season

Neil Young Journeys                                                                           782.42 Nei

Queen of Versailles, The                                                                      339.4709 Que

Tim Tebow: On a Mission                                                                      B Teb

WWE Money in the Bank 2012                                                              796.812 WWE

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