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New Mysteries for September 2009

Whack 'n' Roll by Gail Oust

Spackled and Spooked by Jennie Bentley

Sew Deadly by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Stop This Man by Peter Rabe

Inked Up by Terri Thayer

Dead Man's Wharf by Pauline Rowson

Deadly Habit by Andrea Sisco

Merry Misogynist by Colin Cotterill

6 Killer Bodies by Stephanie Bond

City of Silver by Annamaria Alfieri

Sorrow Wood by Raymond L. Atkins

Pretty is as Pretty Does by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Sand Sharks by Margaret Maron

A Slice of Murder by Chris Cavender

Bundle of Trouble by Diana Orgain

Water's Edge by Karin Fossum

Nothing Job by Nick Oldham

Devil's Trill by Gerald Elias

Skeleton Hill by Peter Lovesey

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