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What kid wants to watch educational DVDs???

Maybe yours!  Tired of viewing those same old cartoon DVDs again and again?  Sitting in front of the game system fighting the aliens getting old?  We have a huge selection in the children's DVD section covering topics from home safety to how the rides at Disney World work.  Among our collection of more than 350 titles are several series.  We all love Bill Nye the Science Guy's way of introducing complex topics to young viewers using humor and sight gags.  Families of the World series shows the traditional cultures of many countries, each with its own DVD.  We have recently added Families of Guatemala, Families of Russia, and Families of Israel.  The titles in this series that we don't own in our collection can be borrowed through inter-library loan and picked up right here for your convenience.  Another excellent series is Global Wonders, which shows a culturally-diverse group of young friends how their traditions have impacted the arts, sciences, etc.  For more adventure, take a look at Beginning Skateboarding Tips & Tricks, Gilad's Kids in Motion series or the Travel with Kids series which includes Bahamas, Ireland, New York and others.  Since the American people have just excercised their right to vote, maybe a DVD about United States History, American Government for Children, or The Presidents would be a good choice.  We even have several EZ Math Trix DVDs for students who might need that something extra to grasp math concepts.  Want to escape from science and math?  Try one of Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre stories, or watch Disney's American Legends or our Tall Tales DVDs and catch up on American folklore.  Learn about animals with Jeff Corwin or the Kratts. Try the Shalom Sesame series for Jewish traditions.  We also carry Superbook Bible Stories, Signing with Children,  learning Chinese or playing the  Keyboard or Ukulele.  In short - come on in and browse the collection, or visit the children's desk for more information.  Happy viewing!

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