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November Website 

The Presidents    

In the past several months of this Presidential election year, we've heard all about Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  But do you know..... Which president acted in 53 Hollywood films? Which president owned a haberdashery in Kansas City?  Which president was nicknamed "Old Hickory"?  Who was the only president to be married in the White House?  Which president served between two Bush's?  Find the answers to these questions and other presidential facts at www.thewhitehouse.gov.    Also included on this website is information about the First Ladies, Vice Presidents, Camp David, Air Force One, and behind the scenes photos of President Obama in action. Then visit the library to learn more.  Look for these titles:

So you want to be President? by Judith St. George (973StG)

If I were President by Thomas Kingsley Troupe (J325.23Tro)

The Presidents by Kenneth C. Davis (J973Dav)

The American Presidents (JDVD973.09Ame)

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