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Better Than Google

Are you a news junkie?  Can you never get enough of t.v. news, radio news, the Internet, twitter, newspapers and magazines?  If the answer is yes, then you are going to love World News Digest.

It "covers all major political, social and economic events since November 1940."  How many free sources on the Internet can do that?  Clarkstown stdents who participate in National History Day, with its emphasis on primary source materials, will appreciate the content delivered in this database.  Of course, the topic must not predate November 1940.  Are you confused by what's happening in the world today?  Do you not have enough time or patience to study current events?  World News Digest has already collected the information for you.  For example, Unrest in the Arab World, a special feature of World News Digest is laid out in a clear, unbiased way, complete with background material and facts about the current situation.  If you need reliable and neutral information on the 2012 elections, you will find it here. After perusing this special report, you will be able to make a more informed decision come November. They even have a news feed from Reuters to update you on today's breaking events.  World News Digest also has an almanac, an encyclopedia, maps, and special features such as country profiles, obituaries back to 1980, newspaper editorials and cartoons and much more. They have topics and information on many research subjects for term papers.  Citations to articles are given in both MLA and APA formats, a nice bonus.


So if you want to amaze your friends with your insightful comments on today's news, or merely want to impress your teacher with an outstanding source for your research paper, just take a look at World News Digest from Facts on File.  It truly is a lot "better than Google".


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