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Web Site of the Month

Each month I would like to offer an online web page address that relates to genealogy research. I hope it will be of help to you. Again, I would like to hear from you!


For the month of September (I cheated for a week in August!), I choose the following site:




Home of the Genealogy Society of Rockland County. This non-profit organization is sponsored by the New City Library and is dedicated to collecting and preserving the genealogy and historical data of Rockland and makes it available for study.


The organization began in October, 1985, and in addition to helping others with research, its members continue to collect and print historical records digitally and on paper.


Take a look at the site. It has lots of information. Come to the next meeting beginning Thursday, September 22,7 PM in the Meeting Room of the library. Guest speaker Lisa Saunders, author and genealogist, will discuss her experiences publishing her family tree. Hope to see you there.



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