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New Music Releases, August 2012

Aiken, Clay.  Steadfast                                                        MA AIKE STE

Allen, Kris.  Thank You Camellia                                            MR ALLE TYC

Best Coast.  The Only Place                                                MA BEST OP

Brooklyn Rider.  Seven Steps                                               F BROO SS

Ferguson, Rebecca.  Heaven                                               MA FERG HEA

Florence & the Machine.  MTV Unplugged                             MR FLOR MTV

Fun.  Some Nights                                                             MR FUN SN

Gotye.  Making Mirrors                                                        MR GOTY MM

Karmin.  Hello                                                                    MA KARM HEL

Keane.  Strangeland                                                          MR KEAN STR

Kimbra. Vows                                                                    MR KIMB VOW

Manson, Marilyn.  Born Villain                                                MR MANS BV

Mastodon.  Hunter                                                             MR MAST HUN

McKennitt, Loreena.  Troubadours on the Rhine                     Q MCKE TOT

Moore, Kip.  Up All Night                                                     MC MOOR UAN

Neon Trees.  Picture Show                                                  MR NEON PS

Nelson, Willie.  Heroes                                                         MC NELS HER

OneRepublic.  Waking Up                                                     MR ONER WU

Phillips, Wilson.  Dedicated                                                    MA PHIL DED

Punch Brothers.  Who’s Feeling Young Now?                          MC PUNC WFY

Raitt, Bonnie.  Slipstream                                                      MC RAIT SLI

Santigold.  Master of My Make-Believe                                     MR SANT MOM

Shaw, Ryan.  Real Love                                                         R&B SHAW RL

Snow, Mike.  Happy To You                                                   MR SNOW HTY

Tank.  This Is How I Feel                                                       R&B TANK TIH

Various.  Now….Classic Rock                                                   MR COLL NCR

Various.  Essential Sleep: Music To Help Relax..                          Y COLL ES

Various.  Reggae Gold 2012                                                   MR COLL RG12

Various.  Now…80’s Hits                                                        MA COLL NOW80

Various.  Now…Motown                                                        R&B COLL NTW

Zac Brown Band.  Uncaged                                                    MC ZAC UNC

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