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Beyond The Hunger Games

Oh No!

I’ve finished The Hunger Games and where do I go from here?

 So you like Dystopian Novels.  Yes, those books which portray repressive societies keeping people in-line after a terrible war, plague, alien invasion, global warming, end of carbon fuel, brain eating zombies and/or other worldwide tragedies.  The future has never looked so bleak.  But you do not need to worry about a lack of reading material in the genre of Dystopia.  New City Library has plenty of titles available to satisfy every teen reader.  The following are just a few samples of some of the best teen Dystopian Fiction.

                Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

                                While the outside world resembles a static medieval society, another whole world is trapped eternally in a prison monitored by an artificial intelligence slowly going mad.   With both societies becoming intolerable, only the Warden of the Prison can access both worlds.


                Across the Universe by Beth Revis                          

                                Cryogenically frozen, Amy awakes to find the space ship is nowhere near its destination, instead, someone is murdering the frozen travelers, and  now she must fit into the socially and physically restrictive world of a self-contained spaceship.


                Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

                                Is this dystopia?  At 16 you are enhanced with unnatural beauty, resistance to disease, cheerful disposition and no weight gain even if you overindulge.  You spend your time partying with friends.  Tally is really looking forward to her 16th birthday, however  her buddy, Shay goes missing and Tally is coerced by the authorities with the threat of remaining ugly if Shay isn’t found.


                Feed by M.T. Anderson

                                The Internet and all social media are broadcast directly into your head.  No need to memorize boring facts for school, and you can communicate with your friends instantaneously.  You also never miss a sale or opportunity to purchase the hottest, latest style.  When Titus and his friends lose their “feed’” on a moon trip, the consequence wakes him up to a whole different way of looking at the world.


                Fever Crumb by Philips Reeve

                                In a far future London,  Fever Crumb, raised as a rational engineer, repudiating all emotions, is assigned to an archeological dig.  Society has just undergone one revolution and wiped out the ruling class and is now threaten by invading hordes from the north.


                Divergent by Veronica Roth

                                An aptitude test determines which of five paths in life are open to those living in this Chicago of the future.  Tris discovers that having aptitudes in several areas makes her a threat to her society.


                Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

                                The future is upon us when a terrorist attack in San Francisco results in Marcus and his friends being held without contact with their parents or lawyers by the Department of Homeland Security.


                The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

                                Todd is constantly bombarded with noise, the thoughts of all the men and animals around him invade his head.   A virus has killed all the women and created the “noise” that all men hear in a world where there is no privacy.


                Ship Breaker by Paulo Bicigalupi

                                Nailer ekes out a living scavenging copper and wire from abandoned ships in this future world where fuel is scare and global warming has changed the climate and seacoasts.  In a reckless moment he decides to save a shipwrecked survivor instead working to strip the ship and finds his life altered by that moment.


                Delirium by Lauren Oliver

                                No falling in love in this society.  At 18 a medical procedure will ensure that the delirium of love and all its messy consequences will forever be avoided in this futuristic Portland Oregon story.


                Legend by Marie Lu

                                Day is wanted for murder by The Republic and June is a soldier for The Republic looking to avenge her brother’s death in this tale of futuristic Los Angeles.


                Article 5 by Kristen Simmons

                                No more Bill of Rights, instead there are the Moral Statutes and once arrested by soldiers, you don’t return.   Ember Miller has just had her mother arrested by Chase, the one boy she loves.

                Pure by Julianna Baggott

                                Safe, inside the Dome are the Pure, perfect humans and outside are the fused, scared  remnants  of humanity  hunted  by the Pure.  Pressia, from outside and Partridge from the Dome meet when Partridge ventures out to find his mother.



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Thanks this really helped a lot and all the books sounded interesting. I reserved a few of them