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New Music Releases, May 2012

All American Rejects.  Kids In the Street                                   MR ALLA KIT

Band of Skulls.  Sweet Sour                                                    MR BAND SS

Berne, Tim.  Snakeoil                                                             MJ BERN SNA

Calleja, Joseph.  Maltese Tenor                                                B CALL MT

Diamond, Neil.  Very Best of Neil Diamond                                 MA DIAM VBO

Doors.  L.A. Woman (40th Anniversary)                                    MR DOOR LAW

Ehnes, James.  Bartok Works For Violin and Piano                       F EHNE BWF

Finn, Craig.  Clear Heart Full Eyes                                             MR FINN CHF

Fiona, Melanie.  The MF Life                                                    R&B FION MF

For King & Country.  Crave                                                      MG FORK CRA

Franklin, Aretha.  Knew You Were Waiting                                R&B FRAN KYW

Glasper, Robert.  Black Radio                                                    R&B GLAS BR

Gotye.  Making Mirrors                                                            MR GOTY MM

Guns & Roses.  Greatest Hits                                                   MR GUNS GH

King, Carole.  Simple Things                                                     MR KING ST

Lee, Amos.  As the Crow Flies                                                  MR LEE ATC

Madonna.  MDNA                                                                    MA MADO MDN

Mazur, Marilyn.  Celestial Circle                                                   MJ MAZU CC

McCartney, James.  Complete EP Collection                                 MR McCA CEC

McCoy, Neal.  XII (Twelve)                                                       MC McCO TWE

Menzel, Idina.  Live: Barefoot at the Symphony                           MJ MENZ LBA

Minaj, Nicki.  Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded                                   MR MINA PFR

Monica.  New Life                                                                   R&B MONI NL

National, The.  High Violet                                                       MR NATI HV

One Direction.  Up All Night                                                     MR ONED UAN

Perry, Katy.  Teenage Dream: Complete Confection                     MA PERR TDC

Peters, Gretchen.  Hello Cruel World                                          MC PETE HCW

Rey, Lana Del.  Born To Die                                                       MA REY BTD

Richie, Lionel.  Tuskegee                                                           R&B RICH TUS

Shinedown.  Amaryllis                                                               MR SHIN AMA

Shins, The.  Port of Morrow                                                       MR SHIN POM

Skrillex.  Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites                                      MA SKRI SMA

Sleigh Bells.  Reign of Terror                                                       MR SLEI ROT

Ting Tings.  Sounds of Nowheresville                                           MR TING SFN

Van Etten, Sharon.  Tramp                                                         MR VANE TRA

Various.  WOW Gospel 2012                                                       MG COLL WG12

Various.  Hunger Games: Songs From District 12                             L HUNG HGS

Various.  New Multitudes                                                             P COLL NM

Various.  Haydn Die Jahreszeiten                                                  C COLL JAH

Various.  Godspell (New Broadway Cast)                                        K GODS GOD

Yamin, Elliott.  Let’s Get To What’s Real                                        R&B YAMI LGT


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