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New Music Releases, March 2012

Band Perry, The.  Band Perry                                                                 MC BAND BP U45

Big Time Rush.  Elevate                                                                          MA BIG ELE N82

Black Keys, The.  El Camino                                                                     MR BLAC CAM N33

Bowie, David.  Hours                                                                              MR BOWI HOU F15

Cohen, Leonard.  Old Ideas                                                                     P COHE OI C71

Colon, Javier.  Come Through For You                                                     R&B COLO CTF U10

Cook, Barbara.  You Make Me Feel So Young                                           MA COOK YMM D86

Cornell, Chris.  Songbook                                                                        MR CORN SON H18

Edwards, Kathleen.  Voyageur                                                                 MR EDWA VOY R45

Everlast.  Songs of the Ungrateful Living                                                 MR EVER SOT M13

Francois, Samson.  Trilogie: Chopin, Debussy, Ravel                                 GP FRAN TCD C28

Fray, The.  Scars & Stories                                                                       MR FRAY SAS E02

Hamilton, Anthony.  Back To Love                                                           R&B HAMI BTL S36

Hot Chelle Rae.  Whatever                                                                       MR HOT WHA J37

James, Etta.  The Dreamer                                                                       MJ JAME DRE V89

Jarrett, Keith.  Rio                                                                                   MJ JARR RIO E45

Jenkins, Katherine.  One Fine Day                                                             C JENK OFD D91

Kaskade.  Fire & Ice                                                                                  H KASK FAI U84

King, BB & Clapton, Eric.  Riding With the King                                        R&B KING RWT R12

Metallica.  Beyond Magnetic                                                                    MR META BM W05

Michaelson, Ingrid.  Human Again                                                           MA MICH HA M96

Motian, Paul.  Consort In Motion                                                            MJ MOTI CIM K46

Nelson, Willie.  Remember Me, Vol. 1                                                       MC NELS RMV R04

Rivera, Jenni.  Joyas Prestadas Pop                                                         Q RIVE JP F60

Rolling Stones.  Some Girls                                                                      MR ROLL SG U55

Seal.  Soul 2                                                                                            MR SEAL ST R47 

Shakira.  En Vivo Desde Paris                                                                   Q SHAK EVD S30

Skrillex.  Bangarang                                                                                 MR SKRI BAN B76

Starr, Ringo.  Ringo 2012                                                                       MR RING RTT H80

Swift, Taylor.  Speak Now World Tour Live                                               MC SWIF SNW B96

Various.  Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan                                    MR COLL COF A00

Various.  2012 Grammy Nominees                                                            MA COLL TTG U75

Various.  Further Explorations (Jazz)                                                        MJ COLL FE C64

Various.  Glee: The Music.  Season 3, Vol. 7                                              L COLL GST7 C07

Various.  The Muppets (Movie Soundtrack)                                              L COLL MOS D14

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