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Math Websites

Traditional study and homework has evolved with the development of the internet.  It can be an invaluable resource that turns a dreaded task into alot of fun.  Many websites offer activities that help children learn skills and reinforce concepts through flashcards, practice tests, interactive games, worksheets, and much more.  Below are a few suggestions for math websites:

www.aplusmath.com                                                                                                                                       Practice math skills using the game room, flashcards, word finds, and printable worksheets.  Students can also input a problem and it will determine if your answer is correct or not.  Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, rounding, time, money, geometry, algebra, fractions, and decimals.

www.mathcafe.com                                                                                                                                1st- 4th graders can build worksheets, print premade worksheets, use flashcards and play games.  Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, and money.

www.coolmath4kids.com                                                                                                                     Students learn using prepared lessons, a math dictionary, games, math art, and puzzles.  Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, decimals, algebra, calculus, and trigonometry are covered.

www.freerice.com                                                                                                                              Students can practice basic math skills.  For every problem that is solved correctly, ten grains of rice is donated to the World Food Programme of the United Nations.

www.aaamath.com                                                                                                                        Kindergarteners through 8th graders can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, estimation, fractions, geometry, graphs, measurement, money, ratios, and statistics.




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