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Love and Other Sports

It's officially autumn, and the minds of women across America are turning to... football?!  (Or post-season baseball... or ice hockey... or even basketball, though that doesn't start until November.)  Whether you're a sports fan or a sports widow, there's no avoiding professional athletics at this time of year.  So why fight it? 

After all, from a romance perspective, there's a lot to be said about athletes in their physical prime competing with one another, working up a sweat... (and don't get me started on the tight ends!).  Rather than attempting an end run around the season, why not go for the full court press this month?  Try out a sports romance!  There are all kinds of sexy athletes warming up the pages of our romance section, and these aren't the kinds of guys who play the field.  Whether you're looking for a running back to tackle, a baseball player to steal your heart, or a stock car driver who'll make your pulse race, you're sure to find a sports hero here for you.

Who says that sports kills romance?  After all, even tennis is all about keeping your opponent at love.
Get into the game this month and check out a few of these all-stars:

Sizzling by Susan Mallery (LP Mallery)
A Great Catch by Lorna Seilstad (PbkRomance Seilstad)
Double Play by Jill Shalvis (PbkRomance Shalvis)

Fast Courting by Barbara Delinsky (LP Delinsky)
Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader Erika J. Kendrick (Fiction Kendrick)
Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer (Fiction Palmer)

The Rana Look by Sandra Brown (LP Brown)
The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton (PbkRomance Burton)
Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson (PbkRomance Gibson)
Sweet Spot by Susan Mallery (LP Mallery)
Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Fiction Phillips)

The Trouble with Valentine's Day by Rachel Gibson (LP Gibson)
Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson (PbkRomance Gibson)
Power Play by Deirdre Martin (PbkRomance Martin)
Summer Light by Luanne Rice (Fiction Rice)

Other Sports:
On Thin Ice by Cherry Adair (LP Adair) - sled-dog racing
Triumph in Arms by Jennifer Blake (PbkRomance Blake) - fencing
The Valentine Legacy by Catherine Coulter (LP Coulter) - horse racing
Back in Black by Lori Foster (PbkRomance Foster) - MMA fighting
White Satin by Iris Johansen (BCD Johansen) - figure skating
With or Without You by Carole Matthews (Fiction Matthews) - hiking
Flat-out Sexy by Erin McCarthy (PbkRomance McCarthy) - stock car racing
Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (LP Phillips) - golf
Hunter's Moon by Karen Robards (LP Robards) - horse racing
Instant Gratification by Jill Shalvis (PbkRomance Shalvis) - skiing
Double Fault by Lionel Shriver (Fiction Shriver) - tennis
Table for Five by Susan Wiggs (Fiction Wiggs) - golf

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