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Not Your Top 10

Below you'll find the top 10 reasons customers wind up paying for a lost or damaged library item. Follow the tips to avoid the list.

10.  "I ran over it with my car."  Keeping items in a sturdy bag will store them safely.  The library sells reusable bags for your convenience.

8.  "The disc melted, scratched or cracked."  Discs and cases left in direct sunlight will melt so it is best not to leave them exposed in the car.  For your listening and viewing pleasure hold disc edges to avoid smidges or scratches.

7.  "My coffee spilled; it might be sauce; it's blueberries; gum..." and so on.  We've heard them all.  It's best to copy a recipe rather than cook from an open library book; food or liquids nearby is trouble waiting to happen.

7.  "The baby is teething."  Babies love our board books and not just for those cute pictures.

5.  "My puppy is teething."  I know about that one; Buddy, a dog of refined taste, dispensed with 'Arrowsmith' in one evening.  Fortunately it wasn't a library book.

4.  "It fell in the pool," usually seasonal, "It fell in the bathtub," it seemed like a good idea at the time, "pedicures," I won't even go there. 

3.  "My child was being creative."  Designate a safe area for all library material. 

2.  "I left it at the hotel, on the plane, etc. " Think about buying something from our bookstore for your next vacation.  We usually have a nice selection of paperbacks or if you have an ereader you can download material from our website.

1.  "I just can't find it, I've looked everywhere"  Did you really?  We suggest looking under the car seat, in the trunk, under the bed, behind the headboard, in school, in Grandma's house or in a backpack.  That's close to everywhere and most of the time you'll find it there.  Oh, and reread tip 3.

Most libraries, including New City Library, do not accept replacement copies for lost or damaged material.  You will be asked to pay the amount in our records, not prices from online booksellers.  If you notice a damage tell staff or bring it to our attention when you return it.  Visit often, borrow lots, handle material carefully and you won't make this top ten list.

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