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Beyond Books

I have been working at this library for many, many years (too many to actually give you a number!).  It always amazes me however, when I tell people who I meet in the community, about the wealth of materials available to them in their own library's Audiovisual Department and they have no idea that we are even here, tucked away on the lower level.

We not only have current movies, we get these movies on their "streetdate".  In other words, as soon as Netflix or Blockbuster has them, so does the New City Library.  I buy multiple copies of the most popular titles to keep the wait time short. The same holds true for our children's current movies.  We receive our copies on their streetdate so that the children in our community will get to see their favorite screen characters.

We also have thousands of music CDs covering all different genres.  Classical, pop/rock, R&B. gospel, world music, jazz - the library has it all.  We also have a large selection of children's music including the popular Kidz Bop series.

Each month I will be posting information about the AV area; new films, new music, upcoming artists, and reviews of films that I have seen in the theater (I go a fair amount) and what I think is worthwhile and what I would, personally, not recommend.  I hope  you will enjoy reading this blog each month. 

P.S. I really enjoyed "Crazy, Stupid, Love" with Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling.  It's been a very long time since I needed to wipe away tears when a movie was over. And believe it or not, (I didn't) I really enjoyed seeing Captain America in 3D. Very light and entertaining.  That's all for now

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