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Coming in September

Atwood, Margaret. The Year of the Flood.

After ecological disaster hits, trapeze dancer Ren and Toby, leader of a group called God's Gardeners, are the only survivors—except for some scary gene-spliced life forms. 

Brown, Dan. The Lost Symbol.
Da Vinci protagonist Robert Langdon is back, smack in the middle of another historico-religious thriller.

Hicks, Robert. A Separate Country

After the Civil War, Confederate general John Bell Hood contended with grievous war wounds, the 11 children he fathered, financial reversals, and yellow fever.

Kane, Andrea. Drawn in Blood.
Should former agent Sloane Burbank keep a secret about a crime her father witnessed or tell her lover, FBI agent Derek Parker, and endanger them all? 

Keillor, Garrison. Pilgrims: A Novel of Lake Wobegon.
A trip to Rome should put the romance back in her marriage, reasons Margie Krebsbach, so she cooks up a scheme to get a group of Lake Wobegoners to the Eternal City.

Twelve Hawks, John. The Golden City.
Traveler Gabriel is close to finding his father but now counts his brother as an enemy. Twelve Hawks wraps up his "Fourth Realm" trilogy, which launched well with The Traveler but faltered a bit with The Dark River.

Edelman, Hope. The Possibility of Everything.
When her daughter becomes dangerously obsessed with imaginary friend Dodo, Edelman surprises herself by seeking treatment from Mayan healers in Belize. 

Krakauer, Jon. Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman.
Acting on moral conviction, professional football player Pat Tillman enlisted in May 2002 and died two years later—because of friendly fire, though it took the army a while to admit it.

Oates, Joyce Carol. Little Bird of Heaven.
A woman is murdered, her husband and lover are both suspects, and the son and daughter of the respective families are attracted, though each thinks the other's father did it. 

Owen, David. Green Metropolis: What the City Can Teach the Country About True Sustainability.
No, urban centers aren't the death of the environment, argues New Yorker staff writer Owen. In terms of the per capita production of greenhouse gases, New York City ranks last nationwide.

Sohn, Amy. Prospect Park West.
Four moms in upscale Park Slope, Brooklyn, go nutty. It's a post–Sex and the City world, and welcome to it; this is still hot territory.

Sparks, Nicholas. The Last Song.
Still fuming over her parents' divorce, teenaged New Yorker Ronnie discovers that she's expected to spend the summer with her dad in small-town North Carolina.

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