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New DVDs for June 2011

American Graffiti (1973)                                                                #13415

Anything Goes (1954)                                                                  #13414

Biutiful (Foreign Film – Spanish)                                                      #13434

Blue Valentine (Ryan Gosling)                                                         #13404

Complete Metropolis, The (1927 Silent Sci-Fi Epic)                            #13420

Dilemma, The (Vince Vaughn)                                                       #13385

Drive Angry (Nicolas Cage)                                                            #13435

Five Easy Pieces (1970)                                                                #13409

Girl, The (Foreign Film – Sweden)                                                  #13416

Glee: Encore                                                                               #13384

Grapes of Wrath (1940 – Henry Fonda)                                           #13408

Green Hornet, The (Seth Rogen)                                                   #13380

Hideaway (Foreign Film – France)                                                    #13417

I Am Number Four                                                                        #13432

Inspector Bellamy (Foreign Film – France)                                         #13413

Jerry Maguire (1997 – Tom Cruise)                                                  #13410

Jolene                                                                                        #13386

Letter To Father Jacob (Foreign Film – Finland)                                 #13403

Mao’s Last Dancer                                                                        #13375

Mechanic, The (Jason Statham)                                                     #13424

Mesrine: Killer Instinct, Pt. 1 (Foreign Film – France)                          #13418

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1, Pt. 2 (Foreign – France)                          #13419

My Own Love Song (Renee Zellweger)                                           #13378

Nice Guy Johnny (Ed Burns)                                                          #13412

No Strings Attached (Natalie Portman)                                           #13402

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai (Foreign Film – India)                        #13423

Punching the Clown                                                                    #13400

Rite, The (Anthony Hopkins)                                                        #13428

Skin (Sophi Okonedo)                                                                  #13411

Street Kings 2                                                                            #13387  



Bee Gees:  In Our Own Time                                                        B Bee Gees

Best Gov’t Money Can Buy? (Lobbying In Washington, DC)                324.4097 Bes

Bhutto (Profiles Benazir Bhutto)                                                     B Bhutto

Biography.  Meryl Streep                                                               B Streep

Bored To Death: Complete First Season                                          #13391

Can We Live Forever? (Human Lifespan)                                         612.68 Can

Car Bomb: A History of the Deadliest Weapon                                 623.451 Car

College, Inc. (For-profit Colleges & Universities)                               378.161 Col

Columbo Mystery Movie Collection 1991-1993 (TV Series)                #13397

Cool It (Climatic Changes)                                                            363.7387 Cool

Digital Nation (Mass Media and Children)                                         303.4834 Dig

Dog Decoded (Human-Animal Relationships)                                   636.7 Dog

Frank Sinatra: Concert For the Americas                                        #13421

Great Rift: Africa’s Greatest Story, The                                          508.676 Gre

Incredible Human Journey, The (Prehistoric Migrations)                    304.8 Inc.

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit and Strong                                         613.71 Jane

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never                                                    B Bieber

Katy Perry: The Girl Who ran Away                                              B Perry

Last Train Home (Migrant Workers – China)                                   331.12 Las

LennoNYC (John Lennon)                                                          B Lennon

Lucky (Lottery Winners – Life Changes)                                       920.073 Luc

Mac Computer Basics                                                                 005.7565 Mac

Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals                                               796.323 Mag

Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain (Plastic Surgery)                617.95 Make

MI-5: Volume 8                                                                        #13390

Napoleon & Love (TV Series – Britain – 1974)                              #13422

Neshoba: The Price of Freedom (Civil Rights Workers)                    323.092 Nes

Peter and the Wolf (Ballet – TV Adaptation)                                792.8 Pet

Plastic Planet (Plastics and the Environment)                                668.4 Pla

Quick Burn Cardio: Denise Austin                                                613.71 Qui

Scottsboro: An American Tragedy                                               345.76 Sco

Selling God                                                                             200.973 Sel

Shadow of the Tower: Rise of the Tudor Dynasty (TV)                 #13426

Sherlock: Season One (BBC TV)                                                #13394

Taylor Swift: Her Life, Her Story                                                 B Swift

Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of WWII                     940.541 Top

True Blood: Complete Third Season                                           #13439

Van Gogh: Brush With Genius                                                   759.9492 Van

Venom: Nature’s Killer                                                              561.69 Ven


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