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Coming in August

Addonia, Sulaiman. The Consequences of Love

Naser, a political refugee, leads a bleak life in Saudi Arabia until he meets a veiled girl. The two defy Muslim laws to continue their romance and must face the consequences.

Brown, Sandra. Smash Cut

A 28 year old playboy is accused of acting out his favorite film and murdering his uncle. Clark, Mary Jane. Dying for Mercy KEY News cohost Eliza Blake returns. She is at private party in Tuxedo Park when the host is found murdered.

Cook, Robin. Intervention

Dr. Jack Stapleton, a New York City forensic pathologist, investigates the death of a healthy woman while his friends, an archbishop and an archeologist, dispute over the skeletal remains that may belong to the Virgin Mary.

Coyne, Teri. The Last Bridge

"Cat, He isn't who you think he is. Mom xxxooo" is what Cat's mother wrote before she committed suicide. Now Cat must go back to the home she left 10 years ago to figure out who "he" is.

Eisdorfer, Erica. The Wet Nurse's Tale.

Susan is a professional wet nurse in Victorian London. She becomes the nurse for her own son, who was given to a rich woman, by her father. Susan discovers that the woman's son died a mysterious death and must rescue her son before it's too late. Ferrigno, Robert. Heart of the Assassin Final installment in Assassin trilogy. It's 2045 and Rakkim Epps must battle to save America from an Islamic mastermind.

Fesperman, Dan. The Arms Maker of Berlin. Nat Turnball's mentor is arrested for possession of stolen WWII archives. Some of the key documents are still missing and the mentor is found dead in his cell.

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