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The Kindness of Strangers

   Our days are busy and our 'to do' lists seem to get longer all the time.  Sometimes a library book gets left behind because we are trying to accomplish so much.  Those of us who work at the library have been surprised and delighted when material finds its way back here because someone somewhere was thoughtful enough to return it.  We've received calls from automobile repair shops, restaurants and beauty parlors when a New City item was left on their premises.  New City residents bring back books found at airport luggage carousels or on airplanes.  People find books in our parking lot or nearby streets aned bring them to our Circulation desk.  In last week's mail, a package from Tennessee contained a book found in a hotel room in Washington D.C.  It was on active loan, we checked it and and it wasn't even overdue!  Recently a man from Michigan found 3 Playaways on an airplane and mailed them back.  His very generous act saved a family well over $100 in lost fees and allowed us to put these items back in circulation

   Playaways are a wonderful audio book collection consisting of a chip which contains the entire book's contents.  All you need is a set of earphones and an AAA battery; no discs to change and it saves your place.  I've logged many listening hours while out with my dog, Buddy.  I just finished listening to Mudbound, by Hillary Jordan.  Different readers portray each character and it was outstanding.

   Our lost key collection is somewhat mystifying.  So often they go unclaimed because people don't associate the library with keys.    Supermarkets will call us if your library card is the only means of identification.  I recall a phone call from a man who found a key ring in Nyack and called here.  I notified the owner, the keys were dropped off at the Nyack Library, brought back here through our deliver system and eventually we had a happy ending.  The Library will always contact you directly; we never give personal information to a third party.

    So thanks to the kindness of stangers, you are curling up with a good book after locking your car and putting the keys in your pocket.

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