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New Music Releases April 2011

 Adele.  21                                                                                               MR ADEL TO X99

Allman, Gregg.  Low Country Blues                                                          MR ALLM LCB R15

Alpert, Herb & Hall, Lani.  I Feel You                                                         MJ ALPE IFY C57

Beck, Jeff.  Rock ‘n’ Roll Party: Honoring Les Paul                                     MR BECK RNR R84

Bright Eyes.  The People’s Key                                                                  MR BRIG PK S58

Brown, Chris.  F.A.M.E.                                                                             MR BROW FAM J14

Calle 13.  Entren Los Que Quieran                                                             Q CALLE ELQ S31

Cash, Johnny.  Bootleg Vol. II                                                                   MC CASH BVT C51

Cassidy, Eva.  Simply Eva                                                                          MA CASS SE B99

Cold War Kids.  Mine Is Yours                                                                    MR COLD MIY G51

Connick, Harry Jr.  In Concert On Broadway                                              MJ CONN ICO C95 

Crow, Sheryl.  Icon                                                                                   MR CROW ICO A45

Drive-By Truckers.  Go Go Boots                                                                MR DRIV GGB A21

Dvorak.  Symphony No. 6                                                                         ES DVOR SNS X57

Fiasco, Lupe.  Lasers                                                                                 MR FIAS LAS A65

Franklin, Kirk.  Hello Fear                                                                           MG FRAN HF G17

Geoghegan, Karen.  Karen Geoghegan Plays Mozart                                  EC GEOG KGP C13

Hudson, Jennifer.  I Remember Me                                                            R&B HUDS IRM A19

Lavigne, Avril.  Goodbye Lullaby                                                               MR LAVI GL R70

Lee, Amos.  Mission Bell                                                                            MR LEE MB C66

Lewis, Aaron.  Town Line                                                                          MC LEWI TL S27

Martin, Ricky.  Musica+Alma+Sexo (MAS)                                                 Q MART MAS S72

Matisyahu.  Live At Stubbs – Vol. II                                                          MR MATI LAS F25

Putumayo Presents.  Bossa Nova Around the World                                  Q PUTU BNA P06

Rossini.  Stabat Mater                                                                               C ROSS SM E92 

Sedona.  Spirit of the Southwest                                                              Y SEDO SOT G00

Trent.  Burn Bright                                                                                    MG TREN BB V90

Various.  Now 37                                                                                       MR COLL NOW37 E20

Various.  Now That’s What I Call the Modern Songbook                            MA COLL NTW N61

Various.  Ultra Dance 12                                                                           MA COLL UDT U34

Various.  WOW Gospel 2011                                                                      MG COLL WG11 J18

Yanni.  Truth of Touch                                                                               Y YANN TOT R36



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