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Newspaper Choices

There is increased interest in researching old newspapers as they become digitized.This eliminates those blackened fingers, crumbly pages and musty smellsl! The time saved by keyword searching has also enhanced researchers' finding.

At the February meeting of the Genealogy Society of Rockland, two members discussed digital newspaper web sites that were very helpful to them. The first is offered by the Northern New York Historical Newspapers and the address is nnyln.net. Through this you can look at many of the newspapers in north western and central New York. The articles appear and you can reduce the full page to the article. The member speaking mentioned that he was looking for information on a relative and could never find anything about her. Voila!! He found a bunch of social notes that described tea and other social meetings at her house.

The second presentation was done by a genealogist who was whammed by the size of her site, fultonhistory.com/html. One man has a mission to digitize as many papers as possible. He touts 15,377,000 newpaper pages on his web site and suggests how to submit your newspaper for his page. Take a look as there is so much to see here. It's colorful, fun and not limited to just Fulton County.

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