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February Fiction Audiobooks

BCD Baldacci

     Hell's Corner by David Baldacci.  Read by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD Cussler
     Crescent Dawn
by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler.  Read by Scott Brick.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD Davidson
     Me, Myself, and Why: a modern threesome
by MaryJanice Davidson.  Read by Renee Raudman.  6 discs.  7 hours.
     “Cadence Jones is a member of BOFFO, a division of the FBI that employs the unique talents of psychopaths, multiple personalities, agoraphobes, and other seriously disturbed individuals in fighting crime…BOFFO does get three agents for the price of one because her sister Shiro, a martial-arts expert, and her sister Adrienne, a total wild woman, live within her and come out when needed. While working on the Threefer case in which a serial killer artfully stages trios of victims in obvious locations, Cadence comes to believe the murders are a message to her, even as she thinks she may have found romance with her BFF's baker brother. Davidson is in fine form with the over-the-top humor and outrageous situations that have made her a best-seller. Best of all, this is a fresh new story with nary a vampire or werewolf.”
     Booklist 5/15/10

BCD Dickens
     The Pickwick Papers
by Charles Dickens.  In two parts.  Read by Patrick Tull.  25 discs.  31 hours.

BCD Edwards
     The  Lake of Dream
s by Kim Edwards.  Read by Ann Marie Lee.   14 discs.  16+ hours.
     “After her father's sudden death, Lucy Jarrett leaves her home in upstate New York, hoping to put some distance between herself and her grief. Ten years later, she returns to the Lake of Dreams to find the town a very different place…  When Lucy discovers a stack of old letters hidden inside a cupboard, she quickly becomes engrossed in a mystery whose roots go back generations and whose resolution will alter long-established family histories and future plans. Once again, Edwards (The Memory Keeper's Daughter, 2005) has created a memorable cast of easily recognizable characters. As Lucy's investigation deepens, past and present join to reach a satisfying and thoughtful resolution. This is a powerful story about the influence of history, the importance of our beliefs, and the willingness to embrace them all.”
     Booklist 12/1/10

BCD Grisham
     The Confession
by John Grisham.  Read by Scott Sowers.  12 discs.  14+ hours.

BCD Hoag
      Secrets to the Grave
by Tami Hoag.  Read by Kirsten Potter.  11 discs.  14 hours.

BCD Hoffman
     The Red Garden
by Alice Hoffman.  Read by Nancy Travis.  6 discs.  6+ hours.
     “The lush and haunted wildlands of Massachusetts provide fertile ground for Hoffman's endlessly flowering imagination. Like The Probable Future (2003) and Blackbird House (2004), The Red Garden, a sequence of beguiling, linked stories, is rooted in colonial times and reaches into the present. ...Generation by generation, humans and animals form profound bonds; women's lives change, somewhat; men go to war; people are poor and in despair; illness and violence rage; strangers find refuge; and love blossoms impossibly, extravagantly, inevitably. In gloriously sensuous, suspenseful, mystical, tragic, and redemptive episodes, Hoffman subtly alters her language, from an almost biblical voice to increasingly nuanced and intricate prose reflecting the burgeoning social and psychological complexities her passionate and searching characters face in an ever-changing world.”
     Booklist 10/1/10

BCD Lackberg
     The Ice Princess
by Camilla Lackberg, translated by Steven T. Murray.  Read by David Thorn.  12 discs.  15 hours.
     “Lackberg clearly has a gift for laying out an intricate plot and building suspense. Her list of characters is long and complex but not overwhelming, and she manages successfully to weave in a variety of subplots. VERDICT The winner of several Swedish writing awards, Lackberg has become the best-selling Swedish novelist on record. More Murder She Wrote than noir, her U.S. debut (and the first entry in a seven-book series) will likely appeal to any lover of more lighthearted mysteries. Readers who enjoy Louise Penny's small-town atmosphere may want to give Lackberg a shot.”
     Library Journal 5/1/10
BCD Maupin
     Mary Ann in Autumn
by Armistead Maupin.  Read by the author.  7 discs.  8 hours.
     “The sure-to-please follow-up to Michael Tolliver Lives, the bestselling Tales of the City reboot, it's been 20 years since series anchor Mary Ann Singleton left her family and headed to New York. Maupin's San Francisco is comforting in its familiarity, and the gang is (mostly) all here, older, wiser, and settled in …she's back with news she can't bear to tell anyone but Michael. From the haven of his tiny garden cottage, Mary Ann regroups and confronts some uncomfortable chapters in her past. As ever, Maupin's edgy wit energizes the layered story lines. His keen eye for irony and human foible is balanced by an innate compassion in this examination of the life of a woman of a certain age.”
     Publisher’s Weekly 8/30/10

BCD Phillips
      Call Me Irresistible
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  Read by Shannon Cochran.  11 discs.  12+ hours.

BCD Rodriguez
     A Cup of Friendship
by Deborah Rodriguez.  Read by Mozhan Marno.  8 discs.  9+ hours.
     “A superb debut novel centering on a group of women who come together in a Kabul coffee shop run by Sunny, a free-spirited American… A craftsman and a storyteller, Rodriguez captures place and people wholeheartedly, unveiling the faces of Afghanistan's women through a wealth of memorable characters who light up the page.”
     Publishers Weekly 10/25/10

BCD Roth
s by Philip Roth.  Read by Dennis  Boutsikaris.  5 discs.  5 hours.
     “Roth, one of our greatest American writers, is unrivaled in his mastery at evoking mid-20th-century New Jersey, but it's the thoughtful examination of the toll guilt takes on the psyche, the futility of raging against God or Fate, and the danger of turning blame inward that give this short novel its power.”
     Library Journal 8/1/10

BCD Vreeland
     Clara and Mr. Tiffany
by Susan Vreeland.  Read by Kimberly Farr.  13 discs.  15+ hours.
     “Story of Clara Driscoll, who ran the women's workshop at the New York studios of Louis Comfort Tiffany. In Vreeland's account, it was Clara who had the idea to create lampshades from stained glass; Mr. Tiffany, unconcerned with profits, gave her the freedom to follow her creative instincts. While Clara had her share of personal struggles, she lived happily among artists and bohemians during a time of great social change; settlement houses, women's suffrage, and trade unions were among the nascent progressive movements that influenced her life and times…Recommended for historical fiction readers; likely to become a favorite on the book club circuit.”
     Library Journal 11/1/10

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