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Be Amazed in 2011

Did you make any New Year Resolutions for 2011?  It seems the focus is on “Best of…” lists rather than on making resolutions for the coming year.  Maybe it’s because we know what happens even to the best of intentions come February.  The Circulation Department is going to take up the challenge.  We’ve always tried to deliver the kind of service you expect.  Our resolution for 2011 is to step it up a notch and exceed your expectations.  Let us know when we do something right, but just as important we need to know when we fall short.  It is our best learning tool. 

Successful companies welcome customer feedback, good or bad; this is how they correct what is wrong and improve on what is right.  Many of you depend on your customers to grow your business.  Satisfied customers are repeat customers and positive word of mouth is invaluable.  Here in the library our print, audio and video collections contain information on dealing with customers, motivating staff or conducting productive meetings.  You can find material on whom to hire, how to evaluate or coach your staff, time management and just about anything you can think of to help you in your professional life.  Titles like Customer Mania, Coaching for Performance, The One Minute Manager, Good to Great or Setting the Table are just a sampling of what’s available and might be just what’s needed to maintain or grow your business or re-energize your employees.   You can search the catalogue online, but our Reference Librarians have the tools to fill your exact needs.  You will be amazed at what the library has for you. 

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