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Regulations for Use of Library Meeting Rooms


These regulations are in conformity with the policy, “Use of Large Meeting Room and Conference Rooms,” adopted by the Board of Trustees.

The meeting rooms of the library are primarily for the use of the library and library related organizations.  When not required for library use, other non-profit community groups are encouraged and welcome to use the rooms subject to the following regulations:


  1. Meeting rooms may be used by groups engaged in educational, recreational, cultural, and informational meetings and programs.  Rooms shall not be available for the sole benefit of private individuals.
  2. Scheduling priorities shall be as follows:  library sponsored and cosponsored activities followed by meetings and events sponsored by groups from the chartered library district, the Clarkstown School District, the town of Clarkstown, and Rockland County.
  3. In order to serve as many groups as possible, rooms may not be reserved more than 90 days in advance of the meeting.  Organizations will be limited to meeting once per month.  Groups reserving a room must understand that from time to time a meeting may need to be cancelled, or rescheduled, at any time when assigned space is needed for library use.
  4. Meetings and programs must be open to the public.
  5. Non-profit organizations using the meeting rooms may not charge admission fees, solicit contributions, or sell or take orders of any kind.  Library meeting rooms are not to be used for fund raising purposes.
  6. All announcements, press releases, flyers, etc. relating to meetings must clearly state the meeting is not sponsored by the New City Library.
  7. The library’s address may not be used by any non library related group to retrieve mail, etc.
  8. The library’s telephone number may not be used by any non library related group for any purpose.
  9. Meeting rooms are available during regular library hours and all meetings must conclude in time to vacate the building no later than the established closing time.
  10. The library reserves the right to cancel or suspend any meeting held by a group or organization that violates these rules and regulations or for any other reason.


11. Standard room arrangement for the large multipurpose room provides a conference table and a chair at front with theater arrangement of audience chairs.  Groups requiring special furniture arrangements may request a specific set-up or may move the furniture accordingly.  These groups are responsible for returning furniture to the original arrangement.

12. Equipment to be provided by the library must be requested in advance, preferably at the time a room is reserved.

13. If a library projector is used, the organization must provide a projectionist familiar with the operation of the equipment.

14. Any damage to premises or equipment as a result of group use will be paid for by the group responsible.

15. Private property to be used, demonstrated, exhibited, shown, or merely brought into the library must be the owner’s responsibility.  The library can assume no responsibility for private property used on library premises.

16. Library maintenance personnel are not to move or transport private property.


17. Light refreshments may be served. The group is responsible for supplying all equipment and for immediate clean up.  Any infraction will be grounds for prohibiting future use.

18. Possession, use, sale or purchase of alcohol or illegal substances is prohibited at all times on library premises.

19. The Fire Marshall has prohibited smoking and has posted the capacity audience which must be adhered to.  Occupancy by more than 80 persons in the Meeting Room, or 18 persons in the Conference Rooms is unlawful and prohibited.

20. Groups must conform to all local, state and federal laws.

21. Leaders of groups using rooms are responsible for maintaining order, ensuring the safety and security of participants, and seeing that library regulations in general are observed.  The Board of Trustees reserves the right to require the presence of a police officer.

22. No animals are permitted in the library other than guide animals for the disabled.

23.The use of the library’s meeting room(s) does not constitute the library’s endorsement of an organization’s policies or beliefs.

24. It is understood that public inquiries concerning meetings in question will be referred to the person signing the application agreement.


25. The organization on behalf of which the application is made shall, and by the execution of the application, assume joint and several responsibility and liability for any injury to people or any breakage, damage, or loss of supplies, equipment, buildings or grounds of the library and any or all injuries sustained at or because of the activity at the library.

Whenever the library facilities are used, there is the possibility that persons may be injured and may bring legal action against the library and sponsoring organizations for personal liability.  The library’s Board of Trustees carries a public liability insurance policy to protect the library against such action.  Since it is possible that the sponsoring organization may also be sued for such liability, the organization should protect itself by obtaining a temporary insurance policy protecting such organization.  By signing the application, the organization acknowledges that it recognizes its responsibility in this regard.


26. Applications must be made on forms provided by the library and will be subject to approval by the Library Director.  Applications will be approved in order of receipt.

27. Applications must be submitted by an adult representative of the organization, which organization will be responsible for the conduct of the meeting, adherence to these regulations, the payment of any fees, and for any damages.

28. For approval of a meeting date not covered by the original application, the organization’s representative may call or come in to the library to update the original form.