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Forthcoming Favorites for June 2009

Ali, Monica - In the Kitchen 

The death of an immigrant worker sends the head chef of a London hotel into chaos.

Balogh, Mary - Seducing an Angel. 

Lady Paget plans to rise again in society by marrying an Earl, but the Earl isn't who she thinks he is.

Box, C.J. - Below Zero.

Joe Picket's foster daughter, who was believed to be murdered years before, calls the family.  Is it really April or a cruel hoax?

Brookner, Anita - Strangers

Retiree Paul Sturgis lives a quiet monotonous existence until he meets Mrs. Vicky Gardner, who is in the middle of a divorce, and his an ex-girlfriend returns to his life.  Suddenly Paul realizes how lonely his life has been.

Christensen, Kate - Trouble. 

Two friends, one stuck in a passionless marriage and the other a rock star escape to Mexico City to rediscover themselves.

Coulter, Catherine - Knockout. 

FBI agent is telepathically contacted by a seven year old who sees family members burying bodies.

Cussler, Clive with Paul Kemprecos - Medusa

The NUMA team investigates the disappearance of an underseas lab conducting biomedical research.

Gardner, Lisa - The Neighbor 

A young mother is murdered and her 4 year old daughter is the only witness.  Will the only witness be the next victim?

Griffin, W.E.B. & William E. Butterworth IV - The Traffickers. 

Homicide sergeant Matthew Payne must figure out if the gangland slayings and a headless corpse that was found in the river are connected.

See, Lisa - Shanghai Girls. 

May and Pearl discover a harsh reality of leaving home when they are forced to move to America for arranged marriages.

Steel, Danielle - Matters of the Heart 

Photographer Hope Dunne only looks at men through her camera lens until she meets Irish novelist Finn O'Neill.

Updike, John - My Father's Tears and Other Stories.

Updike combines short stories set in Pennsylvania and New England with ones in exotic locales.

Zaf√≥n, Carlos Ruiz - The Angel's Game. 

Novelist David Martin receives the offer of a lifetime to write a book unlike any that has been written.