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E-Book Downloads

A friend recently asked me, “Why libraries don’t provide eBooks for me to download”.  My response was simply that Libraries have been providing downloadable eBooks since the early 90s and that they really didn’t get used as much as expected other than with Teens.  The most popular downloads in my experience were Cliff Notes and books on computers.  Then he asked, “yeah but I want to

Past Posts

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First Copyrighted Motion Picture

The Library of Congress recently posted the first copyrighted motion picture. Take a look at Edison sneezeing:


  • Aird, Catherine
  • Alber, Susan Wittig
  • Babson, Marian
  • Bannister, Jo
  • Barnard, Robert
  • Baxt, George
  • Beaton, M.

Legal Thrillers

  • Bernhardt, William
  • Brandon, Jay
  • Buffa, D. W.
  • Coughlin, William J.
  • Freedman, J.

Historical Fiction

  • Ackroyd, Peter
  • Auel, Jean
  • Bradshwaw, Gillian
  • Carr, Philippa
  • Chadwick, Elizabeth
  • Clavell, James
  • Cookson, Catherine
  • Coppell, Alfred

Civil War Novels

  • Bahr, Howard - Black Flower
  • Bahr, Howard - Year of Jubilo
  • Bass, Cynthia - Sherman's March
  • Batchelor, John Calvin - American Falls
  • Brown, Rita Mae - High Hearts
  • Burke, James Lee - White Doves at Morning
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